The Perfect Gift for Your Host-Family

Time flew by pretty fast during my period as an au pair. It's been 8 months since I arrived in Holland, and my time as an au pair is coming to an end. I'm not saying goodbye to The Netherlands quite yet, as I will start my new marketing job in May! Before I left, I … Continue reading The Perfect Gift for Your Host-Family

Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Own Thailand Adventure.

I went to Thailand this summer for a month, before creating this blog. I only have great things to say about Thailand. It's cheap, friendly, fun, and full of adventure! I've had a few friends reach out to me about what I did on my trip and places I stayed, so I decided to put … Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Own Thailand Adventure.

Weekend Away – Hanover

I never really considered going to Hanover for a weekend trip. It’s relatively small and 4 hours by train from Amsterdam. But when given an opportunity to check out a new city, I try not to pass that up. My boyfriend plays full-time tennis, which means he sometimes travels to different countries to play in tournaments, and I so happen to be very free on the weekends (au pair perks!). I tagged along for a mini road trip and got to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring Hanover all on my own.

Weekend Away – Munich – Oktoberfest

I'll be honest, before most trips I will do lots of research, reading blogs and watching videos about the place I'm visiting. For this trip, I did almost nothing. I knew that this trip was almost entirely Oktoberfest so I figured I'd had a general idea of what it'd be like. Oktoberfest was bigger and crazier than I could have imagined.